Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tea Party Chant: "USA! USA! USA!"

Those goofy tea parties were held across this nation yesterday with the usual right-wing attendees. The local gathering of white, middle-upper class people was staged in Perrysburg, a upscale, white suburb of Toledo. I surprised that Joe the Plumber was not there. It was his kind of crowd.

Note the sign above declaring, "Limited Govt. UNDER GOD." Apparently the person holding the sign would rather live under a theocracy than our democracy. Maybe they should take up residence in Saudi Arabia or Iran.

A story in The Blade reported: "Carol Greenberg, an area gun activist who was one of several featured speakers, repeated her message from the Tax Day Tea Party held April 15 in International Park in Toledo, triggering thunderous applause and cheering."You might as well send the [U.S.] Constitution to Iran or China or Russia, because the people in D.C. aren't using it." The Blade reported that the crowd responded to the message with cheering, "USA! USA! USA!

Dope slap! What a total idiot, but the 'crowd roared.' Mutual morons.

There was even the trite and artful reference to Hitler- the common tactic of those with speciously faulty passion. "Linda Bowyer of Perrysburg," The Blade reported, "who is an associate professor of finance at the University of Toledo, cautioned the protesters not to forget the history of the Weimar Republic." Had Ms Bowyer stopped there, I'm sure that the tea-drinking audience would not have understood her attempt to connect the Obama Administration with Hitler. Group-thinkers often lack basic historical facts.

One of the tea drinkers told the reporter, "I want my daughter to have an opportunity for success and freedom from government control and freedom of religion.." She went on, "I think the more the government has control, the more they can take away from you, including the freedom of religion."

What? Does this woman actually believe that the Obama Administration wants to void the First Amendment to the Constitution?

How easily some are propagandized. No doubt, she attends a fundamentalist christian church where weekly indoctrination is standard fare. Pardon this reference, but Hitler would have liked this lady.

One wonders where these tea-partiers were hiding during the obscene Bush years. I wonder if they were chanting, "USA! USA! USA!" at those Clear Channel parking lot rallies just before the preemptive invasion of Iraq.

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