Friday, August 14, 2009

The New American -ers

They have been called 'birthers' and 'deathers.' And 'right-to-lifers' of course. During the Bush preemptive attack on Iraq, there were the 'warers' who cheered wildly at the Shock 'n Awe spectacle. The 2nd Amendment folks would be the guners, well gunners. [my spell check is going nuts!]

One issue people, often narcissistic who want 'theirs' and the hell with society in general. Like a 2-year-old. Me first!

When did American society become so immature? I thought that we were learning and growing in wisdom through our experiences. Patterned after Europe, although they had a head start, moving to a more perfect society where all members are of that society are valued. Now it seems that we're heading back in time to those ugly pioneer, frontier and Wild West times. Lawless America. Survival of the fittest [or the one with the fastest draw!]

Mob rule. Vigilante justice at the end of a rope. Them and us. Don't mess with me. Gimme mine! Two-year-old.

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