Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Incredible: Toledo mayoral candidates speak on their faith

"Toledo mayoral candidates speak on their faith," is the lead story in the Toledo Blade this morning. The story begins, "Toledo's two mayoral candidates stuck to safe positions last night when it came to religion in Toledo, expressing belief in Christianity..."

Imagine that. It must be so very comforting to the citizens of this economically depressed city to know that they will have a 'mayor of faith' who attempts to steer the ship off the rocks of the financial abyss in which it currently stagnates. Maybe he will get down on his knees and ask God to bless the city. Surely God wants supplication had groveling before 'he' sends his financial blessings upon Toledo.

How nuts and what a waste of debate time! During the primary, the voters rejected [last place] a self-designated christian prophetess who, after losing the 2005 primary, predicted that god would send plagues and pestilence upon the city if she were rejected.

One of the candidates believes in the Genesis creation story and 'believes' that this should be taught in the science classes in Toledo schools along with evolution. No doubt that will surely help make the students first-class scientists in tomorrow's world.

Wouldn't it have been courageous if one of them had said, 'Pray if you want to, but let's get busy thinking and discussing how we can get the city of Toledo back on track and pull it out of the economic morass in which it lies.'

Rather, it has to pander to the 'christian vote' as if that sector of the electorate actually has a brain and any ideas other than supplication to a deity.

On a historical note, Toledo was known as Frogtown in its early years due to the many festering swamps throughout the town. Perhaps nature is at last reclaiming it and bring it back to its original state.

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