Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Living in the Wilderness of Cleveland

I've been staying in a suburb of Cleveland for the past week, along the Aurora River Valley. It's an upscale community built smack at the top of the valley. Deer and other woodland creatures often are seen wandering through the backyards as hawks and other birds of prey circle overhead, looking for a tasty morsel.

Yesterday, however, I was startled to see a fox trotting between the houses, big fluffy white tale wagging with every step it took. Soon it ducked back into the woods, leaving me astonished at the confrontation. It was my first fox-sighting ever. Later in the evening, as I was driving my grandson to a lesson, a flock of 8 wild turkeys emerged from the wood, their gray feathers blending nicely with the background. They stuck their long necks up to give us a look as we passed, then hurried back into the 'wilderness.' My grandson and I were met with a group of deer crossing the road at dusk when we returned.

My first sighting of wild turkeys and a fox on the same day. How frontier-like; I had experienced what those first pioneers into Ohio had hundreds of years ago. Right here in a busy suburb of Cleveland. What a great experience.

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