Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Constitution and Bill of Rights are merely Addendums to Old Testament Biblical Law

I found the title of this post, "The Constitution and Bill of Rights are merely addendums to Old Testament Biblical law," while doing some research on the connection between evangelical, fundamentalist christians and the U.S. Government. Fellow contributor to this blog, UptheFlag, made a comment regarding christian fundamentalists, saying, "This is why I suggested that a book demonstrating their [fundamentalists] place in U.S. history and methods to prevent them [fundamentalists] from enlarging their adherents. Benign neglect will not work; neither will wishful hoping."

On a website called, TheocracyWatch.org, I came across an article that helps the non-fundamentalist understand the overt meddling in government by the so-called religious right. The author, Chip Berlet, Senior Analyst, Political Research Associates, speaks of the group of conservative Christians called Dominionists; he says that they are Christian nationalists. He goes on to say of them: They believe that Biblically-defined immorality and sin breed chaos and anarchy. They fear that America's greatness as God's chosen land has been undermined by liberal secular humanists, feminists, and homosexuals.

Clarifying the term further, he speaks of Hard Dominionists who want the United States to be a Christian theocracy. For them the Constitution and Bill of Rights are merely addendums to Old Testament Biblical law. They claim that Christian men with specific theological beliefs are ordained by God to run society. Christians and others who do not accept their theological beliefs would be second-class citizens. This sector includes Christian Reconstructionists, but it has a growing number of adherents in the leadership of the Christian Right.

Interestingly, many fundamentalists do not realize that they are, in fact, dominionists. In fact, they will deny that label while ascribing to the agenda above. Does it matter what they are called? I think not. The agenda is clear and frightening which is why my former post referred to them as 'treasonous.' I stand by that term more strongly now than ever.

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