Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fascists for Christ v. Fascists for Islam

Lots of 'good' Christian folks were up in arms over the visit to America of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. No doubt the commentators on FoxNews dragged out their 'islamofascist' label as they told the story of his visit. Surely Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity pounded the word into the ears of their captive audiences.

Good Christians all. And good patriots of America, as well. No doubt about it, just ask them.

Does it matter much whether the Fascism is comes from an Islamic state or a Christian state? Fascism is fascism.

How odd that the good Christian folks here in America, those who have been labeled 'Christofascists' by some, cannot see that what they want for our government here is little different from those Islamic fascists over there. Many in Toledo got their panties all in a knot when an op ed appeared in The Blade written by Dr. Amjad Hussain who challenged the policy of Christian conversion in Muslim countries, specifically that the U.S. military has allowed Christian groups to send religious and proselytizing materials to the American troops overseas.
A bevy of letters to the editor followed his article.

Christofascists, or Dominionists as they are more properly called, are conservative politically-active Christians who seek to influence and/or control secular civil government through political action. Their ultimate goal is a nation governed by Christians. Further they demand that this nation be governed by a Christian understanding of biblical law. Biblical law to me means eye-for-eye punishment and old testament biblical 'morality' as well as Christian teaching in public places and certainly in schools.

Enter Iran. Iran has achieved that goal. The Koran is their bible and it rules the land, the schools, the culture, as well as the government, the laws, and its constitution. Thus that term, islamofascism. A theocracy.

Enter Dominionists. America is their goal. They are working hard to have the Bible rule this land, our schools, or culture, our government, our laws, and our Constitution. A theocracy.

Democracy as we know it will evaporate. Fascism, led by religious zealots, will overtake our American way of life. We ought to be very afraid of these people. They are hard to spot. The look like ordinary Americans. They fly the flag and have magnetic yellow ribbons on their car bumpers. But they lurk in every neighborhood in this country, fed by their righteous leaders, their magazines, their web pages. They know their mission: congress, state legislatures, public school boards. Kansas was one of their targets and nearly succeeded in turning the state into a fully-functioning christofascist empire.

Domionists, christofascists, ultra right-wing fundamentalist Christians. What ever their name, the mission is the same: turning America into a theocracy.

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