Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Songstress Mitchell Portrays Contemporay American Life

Joni Mitchell has recorded a new albumn, "Shine".
In her songs she critiques comtemporary American
life. Her album is found on the Starbucks label.
The title song, "Shine", has the following lyrics:
Shine on the Catholic Church/and the prisons
that it owns/Shine on all the churches/that love
less and less/. The song continues, Shine on lousy
leadership/licensed to kill/Shine on dying
soldiers/in patriotic pain/Shine on mass destruction/
in some God's name/.

In another song Mitchell sings, "The cats are in the
flowerbeds/A red hawk rides the sky/I guess I should
be happy/Just to be alive/But we have poisoned
everything/And oblivious to it all/The cell phone
zombies babble/Through the shopping malls.

Other good songs are "hanah" and "If I had a heart,
I'd die".

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