Friday, September 28, 2007

The time Has Come For Citizen Action Against the Government

Now. Not in a few weeks or months, but NOW! By all accounts, the Bush/Cheney team will be launching a military assault on Iran any day now. It will be a sustained missile attack at strategic military sites throughout the nation. It will come during the night when we are asleep.

There is no other plan after the attack; it will be just like the attack on Iraq: a military 'victory' and damned the consequences. Seventy million Iranian citizens instantly angered at our nation. Seventy million potential new terrorists. A billion Muslims outraged!
Bush and Cheney could give a damned. They don't care one bit. What do they have to lose? Surely not credibility because that was lost years ago. They know that their legacy is a fait accompli. They have no election to worry about. Nothing left to lose by such a bold action.

Who will stop them? Congress is totally impotent in the matter as has been shown since the 2006 elections. The military could enact a coup d'etat but the public, sadly, doesn't really know how serious this situation is. They would not understand a coup at all.

The public needs to be educated and quickly. What could accomplish this?

As I see it, only massive citizen action can awaken the sleeping masses.

Several months ago a friend and I were talking about such an action and we were struck by a very simple but highly effective method of getting the attention of the entire nation in a rather fast way. The automobile as an agent of action. Not a moving automobile but a stationary automobile. A 'stalled' automobile.
Stalled in rush hour traffic causing massive traffic jams all over America starting in Boston and New York, moving westward to Detroit, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Indianapolis, Atlanta and Chicago. Then to Minneapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston. Further west to Denver, Phoenix, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Thousands of stalled cars, millions of people brought to a standstill in 3 hours.

Americans would demand to know what was happening. The answer is simple: citizen action to stop the madness of George Bush and Dick Cheney. "We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!"

The Great American Stall Out.

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