Sunday, October 28, 2007

There are Still Some Dolts Who Believe All the Reasons for the Bush War

I would have thought that they either became educated or don't talk about the fact that they believed all of the string of lies and twists that Bush/Cheney/Rove used to cover their foolish adventure in Iraq.

But no. Here it is 4 long and bloody years later and some especially ignorant folks are still mouthing the lies. I know it is hard to believe; we all know it was a total scam, but one person in particular, one who comments regularly on this blog, just mouthed the lies and the spin on another blog.

"The US just wanted Iraq to be self-determining and free from a tyrant , and no longer a threat to the region as they were when Sadam went to Kuwait. Saudi Arabia was afraid of Sadam. Israel was. The Kurds and Shia were. And all with good reason with his legacy of two maniacal sons who would’ve inherited his army and his ruthless disregard even for fellow Iraqis–many of whom went into exile and at least one scientist who said Sadam had him working on nuclear capability. Sadam wanted nuclear weapons and we thought he had WMD because all the intelligence sources said so –as reinforced by his delays in letting in UN inspection teams –(I say he didn’t want them to find all the mass graves.) We went just to get their bad guys out and we did so. And we’re staying to try to help their democracy get on its feet. And let’s not forget that Al Quaeda is there –causing the trouble now. The whole area has been fertile soil for the enlistment of AlQuaeda –BEFORE we went there."

We just went there to be the 'good guys' and because of those WMD's, and the two maniacal sons, and the nukes, and the link to al-Qaeda and to get that democracy going.

All she missed were the aluminum tubes.

What a pathetic dolt. What an grand apologist for Bush/Cheney.

Of course, you must realize that the author suffers from authority worship: she's a fundamentalist christian, so any authority figure gets the nod.

Then there is that 'christian' man, George Bush. Here's what she says about this lug: "

He used to drink a lot –and around 40, he was in a Bible study with his church fellows in Texas and committed his life to Christ. He said publically that Jesus was his most admired person in history , because “He changed my heart.” People who REALLY believe in the Bible and Christ DO have compassion."

Compassion? The only 'compassion' this jackass has shown is not dropping the H-bomb on Baghdad.

No, the reason she sticks up for Bush is because he's an evangelical too! The love of Jesus pours out of him. And he is 'pro-life.' PRO-LIFE! Can you imagine anyone labeling George Bush pro-life?

That's why these fundamentalist zealots have to be stopped-- before they bring down our entire nation.

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