Monday, October 29, 2007

Keep religious right out of electoral race

A letter to the editor in The Blade this morning pretty well pegs the christian-right as nincompoops as well as a danger to our democracy. It begins:

"The Republican candidates, except for Rudy Giuliani, have shown us over and over again how the religious right has tainted the electoral brush.

These presidential wannabes all tout their Christian right views to seek the approval and the endorsement of this organization. Except for Mr. Giuliani, Republican voters will not have the choice of voting for a moderate, a liberal, or a conservative for president.

The members of the Christian right have already come out swinging against Mr. Giuliani and vow that he will not receive their nomination. Only a conservative thinker, like them, will be considered.

There was a time when a person campaigned for the lofty job, gave speeches declaring that he was the best, swore to uphold the Constitution, and swore to do his best for the country and to protect the people. The party would decide whom it would back, and the primaries made the final decision.

This system brought us Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Dwight Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan. The religious right brought us President Bush."

Enough said about whom they 'brought' to the White House. It's been perpetual Halloween with George, Dick, Don, and Condi. It's a toss-up as to which is the most scary, although Dick is way ahead in the early polling.

The writer continues: "Religious views have no place in politics. One's religious beliefs must not become the rule of the land and be foisted upon those with other religious beliefs."

Ain't that the truth! That's exactly why the right-wing fundamentalists are such a clear and present danger to our way of life.

The author concludes:
"Voters must decide on who they believe is the best person to benefit the country, the person most dedicated to helping every citizen, and the person who is most interested in making us, once again, the most revered and most trusted nation in the world.'

Adele Federman
Mockingbird Lane

Way to go, Ms Federman. Now let's all spread her message on the dangers of mixing religion into politics.

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