Monday, October 29, 2007

Left Of Center

Lets look at the following results of a very recent Gallup poll:
Americans are pro-choice - 67%
Americans support the Geneva Convention on torture - 57%
Americans want their phone, banking, and internet free from Gov't search - 67%
Americans want the Patriot Act eliminated - 81%
Americans support protecting the environment even at the expense of economic growth - 55%
Americans believe global warming is happening - 86%
Americans believe that the Gov't's responsibility is to provide health care - 69%
Americans favor decriminalization of marijuana - 55%
Americans support medical marijuana -78%
Americans think that the Iraq war is lost - 64%
Americans oppose attacking Iran - 68%
Americans support labor unions - 60%
Americans want embryonic stem cell research - 56%
Americans believe that free trade hurts American workers - 65%
Americans believe that rich people and corporations aren't paying enough taxes,
66% and 71% respectively
Americans are 56% democratic and 39% republican

This seems to show me that we are not a conservative country; we lean left of center
on all of these issues. Now, where are the candidates who will support the American people?

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