Monday, November 26, 2007

Lott's Departure an Open Door for Former Attorney General Mike Moore

Good old boy Trent [I love Strom Thurman] Lott is leaving the Senate before the end of the year. Good old boy Governor Haley Barbour will name a replacement from the far right GOP list supplied to him. Everything will go on as usual and Mississippi will remain #49 or #50 in most rankings of the states. Black citizens will, of course, have no voice in their state government, mimicking their lives under segregation.

The only hope for them and for the state in general will be if former Attorney General Mike Moore gets in the race. Moore, you may recall, helped the state win a $3 billion law suit against the big tobacco companies. Naturally, he will have to fight big business interests who will pour large amounts of dollars into his opponent's campaign.

Perhaps UptheFlag can help us understand more about this issue as he frequently talks to Mr. Moore and has, in the past, urged him to run for the senate seat.

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