Sunday, November 25, 2007

New Australian PM Cleans up After Howard: Are you Listening Mr. Bush?

John Howard, the elder clone of George W. Bush, went down to miserable defeat on Saturday. Howard was another 'yes man' to Mr. Bush, joining that silly coalition of the willing, keeping Australian troops in Iraq to placate the naive governor. Howard also refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol Treaty.

The new PM Kevin Rudd said he would overturn a number of his predecessor's policies and sign the Kyoto Protocol and pull Australian troops out of Iraq. He also promised to attend next month's UN climate change summit in Bali.

The hapless Mr. Bush called Rudd and said that 'he looks forward to working with him.'

Well, Mr. Bush, not much to work with down under; not much to work with back in jolly old England either since the poodle left 10 Downing.

What a miserable 13 months Mr. Bush has ahead of him. Hopefully, he can get back to the booze and just mellow out during that time, rather than becoming all vengeful and drop bombs on his enemies list.

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