Sunday, December 2, 2007

Funny Money

The government of the United States is one of the best when it comes to
sleights of hand and clever distractions to camouflage the real national
debt. Our legislators in D.C. are extremely skilled at using budget tricks
to hide trillions in debt. Democrats and Republicans work in tandem to
pull the wool over our eyes.

For example, take the recent announcement at the closing of the 2007
fiscal year. Both parties crowed that the budget deficit was down to a mere
$162.8 billion. The truth is just the opposite. For fiscal year 2007 the total
federal debt actually increased by $497.1 billion. Funny accounting...Sound
like Enron? Enron? what's dat? Why do Democrats and Republicans continually
hide the true facts. Because true accounting would reveal vastly greater
numbers and implicate both parties. What was that about "not a dimes worth of
difference between the two parties? The $497.1 billion is not reported, rather it
is the $162.8 billion which is reported. Over the last eight years the reported
debt is $1.3 trillion, but the real, actual debt was $3.3 trillion. Funny banking is
great for the politicians. We actually have no cash, no cash on hand. There is
no surplus any where, none. It is exactly as David Walker, Comtroller General,
has been speaking and writing.

The real problem is here. The politicans just raised the national debt ceiling to
$9 trillion. It will be more this next year. Walker's figure is more like $53 trillion.

What do we hear from the presidential candidates? Not this for sure. We hear about
literal biblical interpretation, abortion, gays in the military, who used city money to
finance an adulterous affair, who used illegal immigrants to work at the governor's
mansion, who some one is supporting in the world series, support for the rebel flag,
etc. Perhaps, the one politician who attempts to talk about real issues is effectively
blocked out by the media. Whats the term, marginalized? "The system" is firmly
in control. This country is on the "eve of destruction".

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