Friday, December 7, 2007

Military Families Now Reject the Bush War But Americans Still Gullible

A Bloomberg/Los Angeles Times poll shows a "growing disenchantment within the broader military community, long a bastion of support for the Bush administration and Republicans. Among active-duty military, veterans and their families, only 36 percent say it was worth going to war in Iraq. This compares with an Annenberg survey taken in 2004, one year after the invasion, which showed that 64 percent of service members and their families supported the war. The views of veterans and their families are now closer in line with overall public sentiment. The poll shows that 32 percent of the general population supports the war."

The loyalty to the Commander-in-chief is strong, but, apparently not completely blind. The military clearly have been the scapegoats for the madness of the aggressive Bush-Cheney foreign policy. I was wondering just how long they would kowtow to continuing this useless war in Iraq. Apparently 4,000 deaths and 50,000 wounded does matter even though the right-wing talking heads and their captive audience, sitting in their easy chairs at home, often try to downplay these 'minor losses' and compare them to WWII. The fools.

One other sad fact about the American mind-set and its still-apparent gullibility and malleability is reported at the end of this story. The article says:

Separately, the poll also finds that almost half of Americans would support some form of military action against Iran over its nuclear program. The survey was conducted before the Bush administration released an intelligence assessment this week that concluded Iran halted nuclear-weapons development in 2003.

Isn't that amazing? And frightening! After all of the lies and spin over the WMD's in Iraq, still half of the American citizens were so brainwashed, so propagandized, that they were willing to do it all over again. That is scary, absolutely scary.

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