Monday, December 29, 2008

"Anxious about the economy," Mr Bush said

Originaly published Jan. 8, 2008

He's 'anxious.' Oh really? Seems Mr. Bush is always eighty steps behind reality. It is as if he is in that TV commercial where the guy delays his response as if he is in a time warp and loses the girl. Were it only the loss of the girlfriend we Americans might laugh. Rather it is the loss of just about everything with this nincompoop in charge for the last seven years. 

Yesterday the word 'anxious' actually flowed from the lips of Mr. Bush when he referred to the American economy. Anxious. Rather innocuous term. Children are anxious about the next snow; I'm anxious to see how the New Hampshire primary turns out tonight.

What about 'scared to death!' What about 'mortified!' How about 'terribly frightened!'

Yet, we must recall the calming words that George Bush used on May 1, 2003: "Mission accomplished."

Anxious about trillions of dollars of U.S. debt held by China? Anxious about $100 oil? Anxious about the stock market slide? Anxious about the sub-prime mortgage fiasco? Anxious about declining job figures? Anxious about rising food, fuel and health care costs? Anxious about foreclosures? Anxious about the falling dollar?

Anxious. Not concerned, not worried. Of course, he has no plan to address the issue. He never has a plan, only talking points and verbatim speeches to deliver.

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