Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Does the GOP Think We're All Stupid?

Originally published January 2007

The GOP presidential candidates must be hoping that there are enough dumbed-down Americans left to support their run for president. They may be right. But wouldn't you think that the voter might be looking around at their own economic situation from time to time?

Do the GOP candidates think that they can once again bamboozle the electorate with fear tactics and ethnic divisiveness? Safe borders and the war on terror don't solve the money woes of the majority of Americans. Are Americans willing to watch their economic future dissolve in order to 'feel safe?'

Today's news headline: Trade Deficit Soared in November : Record Price for Foreign Oil Pushes U.S. Trade Deficit to Highest Level in 14 Months. Here's another one from Yahoo Financial News: Stocks Fall on Bank Writedown Worries And another: Consumer Confidence Sinks to Record Low

Tell me that American citizens are worried about a terrorist strike or about Mexicans coming across the borders to pick strawberries. Or about gay marriage. If they are more concerned about these issues than the recession that we are already experiencing, then they ought to vote Republican in the fall.

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