Thursday, February 28, 2008

Caroline Kennedy Comes to Toledo

A soft spoken, rather shy Caroline Kennedy spoke to a crowd of about 300 Obama supporters this afternoon, sharing her ideas as to why she believes that Barack Obama will be an inspiration for America. She linked the enthusiasm for Obama to that displayed some 50 years ago for her father, John F. Kennedy.

The audience listened to each word, many, like me, dreaming of the days of Camelot when she was just a child running through the White House. That same hope, the same charisma that we felt in the early 60's with John Kennedy is felt this time around in Barack Obama.

Caroline read her speech, as she is not a seasoned speaker, but nonetheless, the audience absorbed each word, interrupting her speech several times with applause. The audience, predominantly women cheered when she suggested that it is the women who elect presidents because, "We do all of the work."

After her talk, she signed autographs or just shook hands with the assembled crowd. My wife asked her for an autograph and told her that she had gotten her father's autograph at the Court House back in 1960. "How nice," she softly said.

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