Saturday, May 24, 2008

Anti-Muslim, Anti-women Catholic Priest Pens Letter

The Blade published a letter to the editor today from Rev. Patrick Rohen, a Catholic priest of the Toledo Diocese. The curious title reads: "Nuns didn't act on behalf of church." The priest condemns the Sisters of St. Francis for meeting with a Muslim Imam and blessing a three-paneled icon.

Reverend Rohen is pissed that the nuns [to whom he refers as 'gals'] would meet with a Muslim. In the photo, the reverend wears the priestly gear which is nearly covered by his military patches and emblems. He has been assigned to the Ohio Veterans Home where he is one of two clergymen there. The bishop, short on priests in this diocese, must know something about Rev. Rohen in making that assignment. I'll bet that he doesn't fit well among regular folks.

His hatred for Muslims can be seen in this paragraph from his letter:

"By acting on their own, and by having a Muslim imam in their presence at the same time, one is led to the following conclusion: These particular sisters should request that Mother Superior grant them a dispensation from their vows in order to facilitate their conversion to Islam."

No wonder Bishop Blair assigned this guy to his isolated, obscure post. Yet, the reverend is not quite finished with his misogynistic babble:

"There is only one drawback for these liberal gals: they will again be required to wear the veil."

The odd fellow ought to keep his mouth shut and not reveal his stupidity for all to see.

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