Saturday, May 24, 2008

Are We?

Lately, either from Bush Administration defenders
or from returning Reps and Sens, both Democratic
and Republican, we are hearing that "we are winning"
in Iraq. I have to wonder who the "we" is, you know?
The "we" has to refer to those who profit from the
institution of death called war.

Like to mention the plight of Iraqi women. Under Saddam
Iraqi women were beginning to enjoy a new freedom from
the findamentalists in their country. However, under
U.S. control and permission, the new U.S. sanctioned Iraqi
constitution reverses the advancement of women's rights.
This new democratic government, under U.S. guidance, has
a constitution that allows a man to have as many wives as
he can and divorce them at his whim. If they are caught in
adultery, the law demands that they be stoned to death and
even the same men that partook of her favors can be casting
the stones.

The actions of this christian fundamentalist Bush administration
has put the women of Iraq into a Muslim fundamentalist hell.
Saddam's program of improvement has been replaced with U.S. help
of a new system of re-enslavement and sexual mutilation of Iraqi
women. Women groups in Iraq openly say that they are worse off now
than before the U.S. invasion, conquest, and control.

Who's winning? Oh, U.S. corporations to be sure. We can add in the
oil lobby. Even in withdrawing, the U.S. will lose. The elites,
howver, will tell us that we are winning. I wonder how much cool-aid
is left for US citizens.....

We continue to head toward that cliff.....

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