Wednesday, May 21, 2008

When the President's Men Attack the Press

NBC received a stern letter from the White House chastising them and yelling censorship for airing only small sections of the President's interview with Richard Engle. Imagine that: this administration accusing the press of censorship! Of course, when a president's ratings are in the 20's, his men need to play defense all the time.

Nightly News aired less than one minute of the interview, focusing the question to Mr. Bush: were you referring to Senator Obama in your speech to the Kenessit? Naturally, the slick politician did not answer the question, and NBC ended the piece by telling their viewers that the full interview was on line.

Apparently the president's men are angered that now, late into his term, the press is no longer a puppet of this White House. The press no longer is a funnel for their propaganda. The press is, at last, doing what the First Amendment implies.

It has taken 7 years and 5 months for the Fourth Estate to realize its most important role in this democracy- to keep tabs on the ruler and to report the facts to the citizens. Seven long, kow-towing years of duplicity. Way too late to regain the moral high ground once again.

Hats off to Helen Thomas and to McClatchy News for retaining their responsibility to ask the tough questions and to report the truth to the American people.

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