Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Blog Visits from United States APO, Armed Forces Europe, Middle East, & Canada

My Sitemeter has indicated that I have been receiving quite a few hits from people in the Armed Forces who are googling 'Zoriah Miller" or "Marine Miller" or some combination of those. Apparently they are interested in reading what Mr. Miller has been blogging about in his Iraqi journal.

I wrote about the Zoriah Miller Blog a few days ago, and, I never knew that there would be that much interest in finding a lead to it. It makes one wonder why members of the Armed Forces want to read it. I wonder if they are looking for a source of unbiased truth. After all, that is difficult to find. With more and more stories and books coming out about what really motivated this war, the military wants answers most of all. As they rightly should.

His blog: [link]

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