Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fundamentalist Christian Homophobia Outted

For the Bible Tells Me So is an excellent video available to rent through Netflix. My wife and I watched it last night and could not help but think of three families we know very well who have a gay son or lesbian daughter. Here is the trailer for the film [link]

This is not the first time I have blogged on this subject nor, I suppose, the last. The cruel ignorance of this knot of righteous people needs to be exposed at every available opportunity. The film focused on 5 families with gay or lesbian children as well as James Dobson's Focus on the Family. "This is a family values story," said one of the parents who stood outside of the headquarters of Dobson's compound. The family was attempting to deliver a letter to James Dobson and was arrested for 'trespassing' when they attempted to do so.

Two of the families are fairly well known. Congressman Richard Gephardt's family was featured along with the recently ordained first gay Episcopalian bishop, Rev. Gene Robinson. The struggle of the parents of the five children is documented as is their epiphany and acceptance of the lifestyle that their child has chosen.

Intermixed with this is the oh-so righteous sprinkling of fundamentalist Christians who 'know' what the Bible says. It turns out that they are ignorant about the Bible texts that flow freely from their foul mouths. One laughable scene is of a televangelist mispronouncing the word, 'abomination' by saying 'bom-nation.' Not only can he not speak proper English, he also is ignorant of the meaning of this term as the film points out.

One interesting line from the film is this: "There's nothing wrong with a 5th grade understanding of God as long as you're in the 5th grade." Ignorance was on display for all 90 minutes of this documentary. It was particularly difficult for one black woman who pointed out how the Bible was historically used to subjugate women and defend slavery, and now it is being used once again to victimize gays and lesbians.

The website, For the Bible Tells Me So, offers more information on the book and the film.

Mary Lou Wallner, one of the parents of a lesbian daughter featured in the film, founded TEACH MINISTRIES after the suicide of her daughter in February of 1997. "Mary Lou Wallner found herself faced with a spiritual journey to try to comprehend the events of their stormy mother-daughter relationship and the implications of her refusal to accept Anna's homosexuality." TEACH MINISTRIES goal is to educate about the consequences of homophobia.
Other sites dedicated to the defense and tolerance of the gay and lesbian lifestyles are listed below.

GLADD [Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation]

PFLAG [promotes the health and well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons]


The Trevor Project [nationwide around-the-clock crisis and suicide prevention helpline for gay and questioning youth.]

Faith in America [The mission of Faith In America, Inc. is the emancipation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people from bigotry disguised as religious truth.]

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