Thursday, July 10, 2008

Catholics For Obama?

As the savvy among us know, George W. Bush's 2nd term was a gift from Ohio Catholic voters. Their votes proved to be the margin of victory in Ohio in November 2004. Of course that in itself defies logic as John Kerry was a Catholic. Here in the Toledo area there was a large group of people who claimed to be 'Catholics Against Kerry.' I have one or two of their yard signs in my garage.

Well, they got George Bush and Dick Cheney for another 4 years. I wonder if they were happy with what they voted for? With Bush's ratings in the cellar, surely there are quite a few Ohio Catholics who now regret their vote.

I received an email this afternoon with a link to CBN News titled, "10,000 Catholics for Obama." The article says,

"A new effort to attract Catholic voters to Barack Obama’s campaign is starting today. It’s called, “10,000 Catholics for Obama”. You can see their logo on the left and their site is here. They have a video up explaining why some Catholics are supporting Obama. This site is independent of the Obama campaign but they were consulted about it."

Ten thousand is a drop in the proverbial bucket when it comes to elections and hardly enough voters to sprinkle around the 50 states. Ohio itself needs 100,000 Catholics for Obama to undo the damage they did back in 2004. Will there be or will some devious advertisement scare the Hell out of them like it did in 2004?

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