Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Ich bin kein Berliner!"

Barack Obama will speak today in Berlin's Tiergarten which is a grand venue in which to introduce himself to the German people and the Europeans. Surely he will avoid any language problems by speaking English. Kennedy's reference to the jelly doughnut is memorable. I hope that he takes off his American flag pin too. That pin works well in West Virginia but the German folk don't take kindly to patriotic bluster like that. Those NAZI flags, ribbons and swastikas did them in.

Back here in the states, grumpy John McCain is still fuming at all of the media attention his opponent is receiving during this trip. I wonder how voters look upon a whining man of 71? Even his voice has become whiny. And that statement about Obama 'losing the war' to gain the White House must be a classic. McCain bet on the wrong horse back in 2003 and now wants to blame others for its results.

Blaming is a big thing on the right side of the political spectrum. Some are still trying to pin 9-11 on Bill Clinton. No doubt some even think the recession is the fault of the Democrats. They like to blame 'The Left' for all of the social ills of this nation because they think 'those people' are communists and 'hate America.' The 'hate America crowd!'

Odd that grown men take to blaming everybody else for their own miserable lives. I gave up blaming back in high school when I left my adolescent stage of life. If often wonder if some of these men never left adolescence behind. To them there is always an 'enemy' to fight, to whine about, to condemn. They surely must have low self-esteem to need to find fault with an entire group of people. They must think that walking on top of others raises themselves to new heights.

Well, enjoy your Berliner while listening to a real mature adult male representing We the People.

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