Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Right-wing Summer Camp Experience

Tom Teepen, Cox News Service, penned an interesting article yesterday titled, "Ranters who think Obama is a socialist need a little political sobriety" Interesting use of the term now that George Bush's "Wall Street got drunk" video appeared yesterday on YouTube. And he ought to know. As an aside, he also ought to have known how to step in and intervene more than a year ago as a President is mandated to do, but then, he never was much for intellectual pursuits.

It's always a hoot when I look at The Right; dark humor for sure, but aways a place to get a good laugh. Odd though, they generally are a humorless lot unless, of course, they are tearing down a Leftie. Quixotic.

Mainstream America, I would imagine, would have difficulty pinning the tail on the donkey if the tail were to be placed on the left-right political spectrum. Odd, though, The Right always knows where to 'pin' the Lefties: just to the left of Goldwater.

Teepen begins, "Barack Obama is a socialist! But you already knew that if you listen to any of the right-wing radio ranters or fall in with many of the blogging demagogues who trade in hysteria."
Oh lord, do they! I spent 6 long weeks with them- a Right-Wing Summer Camp- and it is great to breathe fresh air once again. I now appreciate more than ever how green and blue the world really is. I ended my self-imposed Summer Camp yesterday [right-wing radio message board]after I received a 'warning' from the stealth webmaster and it was none-too-soon either. My thanks to Mr. Stealth for the escape hatch key. Wow, the silence of nature is overwhelming.

After hosing down the hysterical Right with a few historical facts , Teepen continues: "The high point of socialism here was the 1920 presidential election in which the Socialist Party candidate, Eugene Debs, logged 915,000 votes — enough to usefully scare the political elites into a number of social reforms. Liberalism, you see, wasn't socialism, as you sometimes hear now; it was the counter to it." Naturally The Right cannot see any difference and so it continues the noise-making blather- anything to help them blame others for their personal sad state of affairs.

The angry white guy who is a sponge for propaganda morphs into a mindless robot reciting bumper sticker phrases as wisdom. They are out there, for sure, they are angry and they do vote. Central Pennsylvania, southern Ohio and West Virginia are where they live up North. And, of course, in the suburbs of the metropolitan areas. Everywhere there are windmill giants to destroy! The fools, but then, there is no poll test for intelligence.

I'm enjoying the cool temps and bright blue skies this morning and the songs of the birds through the open window above my computer. As I look out, all of the windmills are gone- slain by the righteous rusting knight. Ironically, the windmill as a 'new' source of energy, is only one more 'leftist' prank served up by the communists all around us.

As I said, there is a never-ending source of dark humor when a clutch of right-wingers begin to babble.

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