Sunday, August 3, 2008

Globalization and Wealth

How much free enterprise is enough? Should the
Federal Government encourage U. S. manufacturing
and other companies to go to foreign countries
and make more profits? What about the huge
amounts of wealth that are being accrued to thse
multi-national corporation CEOs? When do
excessive profits belong to the people? Should
the Federal Government tax excessive profits?
Obama is saying "Yes" to the oil Corporations?
Should that then be applied to all other
Corporations? Is a federal tax on globalization
appropriate? Would such a tax mimimize opposition
to globalization policies? Is it right that the
CEOs of Fredie Max and Fanny Mae maintain a $20
million dollar annual income after the recent
Federal Government bailout, and the U.S. consumer
receives nothing in return. Isn't it funny that
the federal government is praised for helping out
private corporations, but is damned if it wants
to maintain social security or provide national
health insurance? Why should, we the people, bail
out corporation after corporation and receive
nothing in return? Is it right that this super
rich elite class avoids fair taxation and pass all
of their wealth to their descendants? Why are
the wages of retail workers, service workers,
police and fire workers, factory workers , and
teachers taxed unfairly, while income from stock
trading and income from dividends have a privileged
tax status? What is to be done?

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