Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lockstep Republican Zombies

Those 50's Sci-Fi black and white films of people changed into mindless zombies scared the hell out of me as a kid.  They're back!!  Today they are called House Republicans and they are just as frightening as the those in the horror films.  

Not a single Republican, not one of the 188 Republican men and women serving in the House of Representatives voted 'aye' on the stimulus package.  Zero.  Like vacuous robots, each one of them followed the 'orders' of House leader John Boehner who told them to vote no.  

I wonder how his constituents in Ohio's 8th District felt about his vote; I wonder how folks in the other seven Republican-held Ohio districts felt about that vote?  They represent 4,500,000 Ohioans.  How many of these are jobless or on the brink?  How many are in foreclosure, bankruptcy, or severe debt?

Pundits said that this GOP House vote was a repudiation of Speaker Pelosi.  How very childish.  Sounds like school playground behavior.  Makes one wonder just how mature these Republicans are.

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