Friday, January 30, 2009

The Long-term Effects of Kool Aid are Spectacular

Many Americans drank deeply the Kool Aid served by the Bush Administration, laced with war propaganda, back in the winter of 2002-2003. Like today's peanut butter fiasco, one never knows the long-effects of things we ingest here in America. Luckily, the vast majority of our citizens were able to purge the propaganda fed to us at the inception of the Bush War on Iraq. Still, every now and then, I meet up with someone still suffering long-lasting effects of the mind control agent in the Kool Aid. Yesterday I met 'Bob.'

Bob is a frequent visitor to the Mikeb302000 blog, an anti-gun themed blog frequented mostly by pro-gun people. Mike attempts to bring the horror of gun violence in America to the attention of his readers only to find continual challenge from the pro-gun lobby. Yet I digress.

A recent thread on the blog was
Army Suicide Rates Highest Ever. Bob and other pro-gun folks naturally objected to the suggestion that easy access to guns contributed to the suicide numbers. In fact, and to the point of this post, a sub-topic developed, away from the gun theme, to why the suicide increase itself? One pro-gun comment suggested that a contributing factor for these soldiers was the 'anti-war attitude' back in the states. He suggested that this was the chief factor for the up-tick in military suicides.

Here's what I proposed as a more signifgicant factor: The final straw for these men, I believe, was the realization that the war that they fought, that they bled for, that scrambled their psyche, that their buddies died in, was a sham- an unnecessary political scheme of a group of egghead ideologues back in Washington.

At that, I received this retort from Bob: Mud, Any evidence to back up this opinion?

Any evidence? he asks.

The Kool Aid.

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