Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mooning the Republican Leaders

Obstructionists. Republicans.  What else needs to be said? If you've been paying attention to politics at all lately, you will note that the Republican leadership is playing the same role early into the Obama administration as it did with the Bush presidency- obstructionist.  They and only they know what's best for America.  For the past two years as the minority party in Congress, they used the 60-vote rule and filibustering to stop most of the progressive legislation which might have nipped this economic downturn at its root. 

Now these same leaders, Boehner, Mitchell and Cantor, have begun to obstruct the Obama agenda.  As if they have any credibility at all!  For years, these men and their minions in Congress supported legislation which gutted over site regulations on nearly all aspects of the Federal Government.  They supported every Iraq War funding bill.  They supported massive tax cuts for the uber-rich. They looked the other way as Wall Street and banks toyed with our financial stability. They slashed spending for children's health programs, Veterans, and
 Medicaid.  And now they want the American citizens to listen to them?  Again?

Just yesterday, an hour before the unprecedented visit to Capitol Hill by President Obama to listen to the GOP criticisms of the upcoming Economic Stimulus Plan, these Republican leaders put out a memo to all House and Senate Republicans to reject the plan hands down.

They are an insolent, brassy lot.   Rather than respect, we ought to, as a nation, turn around and moon them.

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