Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's the Banks, Stupid!

Someone has been holding up the banks!  Quick, police! Description: white males, clean-shaven, mid 40's, well-dressed, business suits, seen driving BMW's.

Funny stuff, eh? Lots of laughs. Here in northwest Ohio, the bank robberies are on the up-tick. Those fuzzy in-bank cameras snap the photos: poorly dressed guy, half-shaven who flees on a bicycle or in a '95 red pickup. The cops usually get their man.

Not on Wall Street, however. Few suspects ever caught. Rather than getting away with a stack of 20's and some red dye, these bandits get millions, or is that billions. No dye. Often a handshake and a smile.

The press doesn't much care either; they'd rather write about the homegrown bandit- the one who the cops catch an hour later. Makes us all feel so 'safe.'

Meanwhile, those well-dressed, titled bank robbers continue to dig deep, filling bag after bag with the loot. We ought not be too concerned, though: after all, they are upright members of society, and they are so smartly-dressed, too!

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