Sunday, February 15, 2009

What's the Rant These Days on Right-wing Radio?

As I do not soil my ear with right-wing radio, I wonder what those dead-enders are shouting and ranting about these days. Surely it has to be the stimulus bill. Which adjective describing it has become most trite on the air waves? 'Bloated,' no doubt. Right-wingers are great with adjectives and metaphors. Their base reacts well to both.

The House Republicans took a great gamble in pounding and defaming the stimulus bill. Of course their 'gamble' is that their right-wing districts will love them for 'saving them taxes.' The charade goes on when the constituents are gullible.

Rush condemned the three Senate Republicans who voted for the bill, calling them RINOS. He went further, as ususal, and called them out, literally. He wants them removed from the GOP because they are not real Republicans. As the Grand Poobah of the GOP, he knows who is and who is not real.

I should call up my right-wing brother-in-law to get the latest 'summary' from that end of the political spectrum. Summary, I say because, after the adjectives and metaphors, there lies great emptiness.

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