Monday, March 16, 2009

CNN Poll Relegates GOP to Trivial Status But Wait, There's More

The current junta that strangles the Republican Party hopes that cultural and wedge issues entice citizens to support their free-market economy philosophy again, the same philosophy that nearly sank our Ship of State.  They hope that enough Americans will be suckered into their ranks over trivial cultural issues so that they can maintain their failed economic policies.

A new CNN poll suggests that American citizens are abandoning these GOP wedge issues fast.  Thirty-six percent of people questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey released Monday morning said unemployment is the most important economic issue facing the country today, almost three times higher than the 13 percent who felt the same way last April. Inflation is second at 20 percent, followed by the mortgage crisis at 16 percent, the stock market at 14 percent and taxes at 11 percent.

Taxes at the bottom. The trump card of the GOP worthless now. Apparently, the GOP speech writes will have to remove that red herring from the list because Americans don't seem to give a damn about that issue right now.

The poll also indicates the economy remains the most important issue facing the country today. Sixty-three percent said the economy is their top concern, with health care a distant second at 9 percent. The federal budget deficit follows at 8 percent, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan at 6 percent, education and terrorism tied at 5 percent, and energy policy at 2 percent.

Not only do the Republicans lose the tax card, but they also lose the war, terrorism, and the federal budget aces. Not a single ace left up the Republican sleeve. No wonder the party is in such disarray.

Don't mourn for the party yet. They are working very hard, overtime these days, to regain their stranglehold on this nation. Their lust for power and easy money is incessant and they will not go gently into the night.

As my previous post on the Weimar Republic suggests, the party out of power can make a sudden and masterful comeback. Rush Limbaugh has already begun the offensive move by declaring his intention of taking down the ruling party. This section from the Weimar post is especially important to recall:

It was at this time that the right wing made its crucial decision. Despite its shocking, naked failure over the prior decade, despite the horrific devastation it had wrought on the German people, despite the discrediting of everything they had purported to stand for, they would fight [the new leader], his new government, and its plans for recovery. They would do everything they could to make sure that the new government failed.

Sound like Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, Beck, and others on the far-right of the GOP? "In their hearts, every Republican wants Obama to fail" is essentially true and a call to arms.

The article makes this familiar statement about German politics after World War !:

Contrition for their abject failure, humility for their destructive hubris, compassion for their crippled country-those had nothing to do with it. All they possessed was a blinding, visceral hatred of the left and a masturbatory lust for the return to power.

Sound familiar? It couldn't happen here, though could it? No, not here in this nation. That's what many Germans thought. But it did happen there with the result that a little known political figure from the oddly-named National Socialist Party became the leader and dictator of Germany.

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