Monday, March 16, 2009

Dopey Toledo Mayor Chooses Marina Over Police

The goofy mayor of Toledo, Carleton S. Finkbeiner, often the butt of his own foolish remarks, has chosen to lay off 75 police officers to stem the multi-million dollar budget deficit rather than to delay his pet marina project.

The Blade says,

Despite Toledo's mounting deficit and skyrocketing jobless rate, plus the declining retail market nationwide, city leaders refuse to give up on their most heralded and longest-awaited project: a mix of restaurant, retail, and residential development at the planned Marina District on the east side.

Even with a city deficit of at least $15 million that's forcing him to lay off 75 police officers, Mayor Carty Finkbeiner soon could ask City Council to approve $2.5 million in general obligation bonds to help fund the marina development.

The hapless, aging mayor realizes that this may be his legacy- a boat marina named Finkbeiner- so that the citizens of Toledo will be able to remember him. Remember him? Current citizens of Toledo try to forget that he is their mayor.

Foot-in-mouth comments along with a combative, I-know-best personality has already doomed the man called 'Carty' to the dustbin of political history. Who would want a memorial to the man who, among many other idiotic statements, once suggested that the deaf move to housing near the airport?

Police protection vs. a marina seems to be a no-brainer, which is precisely why the pathetic mayor clings to it. Here's the most scary part: he may run for re-election!

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