Friday, March 20, 2009

The French Riot; the Americans Lick Their Wounds

News item:

A riot and clashes with police turned the Paris artistic Montmartre quarter into mayhem Wednesday night.

The protests began as thousands of college students gathered near the Sorbonne university, AFP reports. The student rally turned into chaos involving some 150,000 individuals. The demonstrators have clashed with police, supermarket windows and those of two banks were broken.

The reasons for the student's protest Tuesday night remain unclear. Just a day earlier 200,000 of them blocked the Paris Institute of Political Studies in sign of protest against the inequalities in France's secondary education.

Here in America, a few dozen march with signs in front of AGI headquarters in New York. The rest of us sit home, licking our wounds, as our 401K's zero out. Are the French hotheads or are we pussies?

Here in America, we sit with our TV remote in hand, listening to pundits squawk about the economic 'crisis' as we choose our set of bandits and good guys, bowl of popcorn in the other hand.

We have been the victims of a massive gang rape resulting in loss of job, house, savings, and future dreams.  But where are the people in the streets?  The street corners are as empty as the stores and shops behind them.

Apparently we would rather watch it all play out on our television sets as if it were some sports  series.Perhaps, at least, we could make some small pendant and tape it to a shishkabob skewer and wave it from time to time as we watch the 'reality show' play out on our TV screens.

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