Saturday, April 25, 2009

Eight Years of Torture

The Bush/Cheney years may be known as the Torture Administration in history books, just as Nixon is remembered for Watergate, Johnson for Vietnam. Three ugly episodes in our history.

Too bad the right-wing of the Republican Party is in such deep denial these days about the reality of those torture years. The dopey Sean Hannity even suggested that waterboarding wasn't so bad and that he'd do it for charity. I'd like to see that coward on the plank. Tough talk, as usual from these blokes. The other goof-balls, Beck and Limbaugh, who look like they ought to be floats in the Macy Parade, think torture is OK too.

Of course, the torture they joke about would work on those fluffs because they are all mouth, no guts. Ten seconds into waterboarding they would shit their pants and give up any information the torturers would want to know. The pantywaists!

I wonder if those millions of men who listen to these pansies each day ever stop to think about the characters behind the bravado. Sorry, I mindlessly used the word 'think'

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