Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rove: Constitution, Christianity “one generation from going away”

It was a scene reminiscent of a Marx Brothers film; only the faces were changed to protect the Marx family. There sat the ever-righteous Karl Rove next to the stoic, mustached neocon John Bolton as guests on Fox's Glenn Beck Show. The subject matter, of course, 'We're going to hell in a hand basket with Obama in the WH!'

[by the way, if you know of an ABD psychology student, suggest that he/she do a study of the 'typical' Fox viewer- great study in group lunacy, for sure.]

The very depressed and angry right-wing, much like alligators, need red meat from time to time in order to survive, and who better to feed the beasts than Karl himself? And so, there he was the other evening, helping with the feeding-frenzy. "All the important things are one generation  from going away. The Constitution is one generation away, Christianity is one generation away, the Constitution is one generation from going away." [note that the Constitution is twice as threatened as Christianity, according to Rove.]

So, there you have it- straight talk from the straight-talker himself. Within one generation, 25 years, America will be a pagan monarchy or dictatorship. I shutter at the thought. My youngest grandson will be only 30 when this cataclysmic event will occur! I't hard to imagine him living as a serf in a godless fiefdom.

Pray! We must pray to the Almighty that this Nostradamus-like foretelling by the soothsayer-in-chief will not occur. Click your ruby slippers! Burn incense! Sacrifice a fatted lamb! Vote Republican!

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