Thursday, May 21, 2009

Foolish Fodder From Fundamentalists

Agnostic and atheist authors seemingly never run out of foolish fodder for their books each time another fundamentalist opens his or her mouth. I raised  the latest revelation of the  crusade-like images and Bible quotes that Donald Rumsfeld produced as he carried his daily briefing to the White House for George W. Bush to read.  I suggested that this was indeed a  'crusade' [George W. Bush's term] and that it seemed to be part of a christian movement to eliminate Islam from the Middle East. A christian apologist and self-identified fundamentalist commented, "When God sends men to fight, He reduces the size of their army. That's what He did with Gideon..."

I asked of him, "Did the good people of the city of Baghdad pray to God before the invasion? Did they pray that their sons would not be killed in battle? One wonders why the god who made all of us would abandon a certain sector yet help nourish and protect another of His people."

To this he wrote, "I'm told there are a lot of Christians in Iraq. More than in most middle eastern countries. Muslims don't pray to God, though, they pray to idols of their own making."

Muslims don't pray to God; they pray to idols of their own making.

Matthew, the author of these words, is 30-something and instructs his children and other youth in his church 'in the faith', he told me. Does he really tell those youngsters this lie? If fact, does HE even know that what he wrote is dead wrong?

I have learned that fundamentalist christians are quite ill-informed about their own Christianity and terribly ignorant of other world religions. If Matthew demonstrates the typical knowledge level of fundamentalist christians, then they deserve the derision, ridicule and ribbing which they receive in the many books by atheist and agnostic authors that now line the library bookshelves.

The phrase, ignorance is bliss, seems most apropos in this situation.

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