Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Shack or Bingo?

The Shack, the book, not the slums of Mumbai.  I wonder which would be more interesting to explore?  Having not experienced either, I'd wager that ten hours in Mumbai would produce much more interesting discussion than the book.

Nonetheless, I am assigned to read The Shack.  Book club.  It was either The Shack or bingo.  We finished our last book on Saturday evening and, when the time came to choosing another, we were mute.  I suggested bingo because my wife bought a wheel last month to play the game with our grandchildren.  She bought $1 prizes too boot- we still have lots of them for future games.

The group thought I was nuts, but I stuck to my guns and said, "Why not, we've got the game, the wheel and a bag of prizes?"  At that, someone shouted out, "The Shack!" There were audible groans and some muted conversations.

"The Shack?" I questioned, "sounds like cheap pulp fiction."  "Oh no, it's a very popular book on the best-seller's list," someone piped in.  There were opposing positions on the merits of the book, and whether men would enjoy it.  

I was voted down in the end, but I'm taking my bingo wheel and prizes bag along next month just in case there is a dust-up during the discussion.  Meanwhile, I'll try to find a used copy of the book.


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