Friday, May 22, 2009

Mr. Cheney and the Gullible

Gullible Americans are the last bastion for bastards like Dick Cheney.  One out of five Americans still dine on the tainted goulash called the GOP.  Many of them hold fast to every word uttered by the man who gave us the Iraq War.  The man who had 'no doubt' that Saddam was reconstituting his nuclear weapons.  The man who assured us that we'd locate those specious WMD's.  The man who ignored the warnings from the Clinton Administration  of the dangers of al Qaeda, but brags about keeping us safe after the worst attack on our soil since Pearl Harbor.

That Dick Cheney.

Who is still listening to the man?

He has quite the audience to be sure, but 'they' are not openly gay and giddy about admitting that; they are mostly in the closet these days.

These are the same ones that are continually bamboozled by the likes of all authority figures, especially preachers.  A deep avuncular voice rattling off statements sprinkled generously with fear- especially fear of the unknown- can bring these folks literally to their knees.  To their knees obviously with the smooth-talking preacher who offers 'eternal salvation' to the good and 'eternal damnation' to the others.  Of course, one never knows when that magic moment will happen and thus, eternal vigilance, endless obsession with righteousness becomes the dogged duty of the believer.

It takes no clever wit to tweak the speech of the preacher ever-so slightly into a powerful political speech.  Dick Cheney has learned that trick well.  The slick shyster delivered a sermon yesterday albeit sans god.  Yet he had the sacred and the heinous well peppered throughout the speech.  He referenced the 9/11 tragedy several dozen times and warned that we must be eternally vigilant, always on-guard against the evil ones.  The Devil, of course.  Our sacred freedoms versus the Devil.  And, the best way to fend off the Devil is to limit personal freedoms, belie our beliefs 'for the greater good.'

And he takes great personal pride in that very fact.  He saved America from more evil.  He expects to be uplifted to hero status, hopefully a bronze statue of his likeness for future generations to worship.  It was  the Great and Powerful Dick Cheney who stood between the evil doers and the huddled masses  yearning to breathe free.

We ought not look at his failings, the fact that he did not keep us safe on September 11, 2001, but to the post-barn door period when there were no further attacks.  He alone through 'enhanced interrogation techniques' was able to extract the sacred essence of truth which saved us all from imminent danger all of those years.  He knows this.  This sacred knowledge, although hidden from us, does exist and will be revealed to us, the lowly, at the appropriate time and place.

The unknown evil, the unknown time.

Imagine if Dick Cheney had not been VP in those dangerous times!  What may have happened?  One can only shudder at the thought.  Thank God that Dick Cheney was 'appointed' to save us.  Thank God that He listened to the prayers of the 'faithful' and spared us another attack.  God smiled on America after 9/11.  God blessed America [with the Messianic-like wisdom of Dick Cheney].


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