Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day on Solstice

It is an interesting convergence of the summer solstice
and the celebration of Father's Day.
A celebration of when the sun is at its zenith,
after struggling through the dark and dreary winter,
to warm the days
extra hours of brightness to the nights
nurture the crops.

A symbol of hope.
A sign of empowerment.
The warm touch of a secure hand upon the head.
The metaphor of strength.

How do we fathers measure up to that symbolism?
It is not easy to be a good father in these turbid times.
So many distractions seduce a father from his proper role.
So many electronic gadgets isolate the child from reality.

Conversations become muted,
as in that button on the remote.
Father and child move in opposite directions,
almost as strangers in the same house.

Like crops need the sun
so too the child needs a father's strength.
In old age we look back upon our lives.
We reflect on what we have done and failed to do.
How did we fill the role of Father?

Alas, it is not for us to judge.
For the history is already written:
We need to ask our daughters and our sons.

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