Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sit Down and Drink Your Vinegar!

"You're not leaving the table until you've finished drinking your glass of vinegar!" How many times have we heard that at the dinner table! Well, perhaps not, but maybe we ought to be hearing it more often here in America, land of the free and home of the obese.

In an article from NewScience titled, Vinegar Might Fight Fat, there is new evidence that acetic acid can prevent the accumulation of body fat. Some people, including my mother and my son, relish [pardon the pun] the taste of vinegar. In fact, my mother used to tell the story that, in her youth, she and her sister would 'sneak' vinegar while their mother was out of the kitchen. Both lived into their 90's with very little body fat.

The Japanese scientists who conducted the study on mice report note that vinegar has been used as a folk medicine since ancient times. People have used it for a range of ills. Modern scientific research suggests that acetic acid, the main component of vinegar, may help control blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and fat accumulation.Lab mice fed a high-fat diet and given acetic acid developed significantly less body fat (up to 10 percent less) than other mice, Kondo's team found.

If one doesn't worry about the break-down of teeth enamel and damage to the esophagas and stomach lining, vinegar-drinking might become as common as that glass of bovine mammary fluid now customarily found on family dinner tables. Better yet, make it red wine vinegar to get the benefits of resveratrol.

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