Thursday, June 25, 2009

God-Pimping Over?

The Party of God, also whoringly known as the Republican Party, has just about run out of proselytizing prostitutes who claim to be the First Born Son of family values. Yesterday, yet one more holier-than-thou GOP politician admitted adultery, or euphemistically, an 'extra-marital affair.' The shock waves from the admission of adultery by GOP Senator John Ensign were not yet spent when the newest 'family-values' politician wept before the cameras. Has former GOP Senator Larry Craig managed to keep his zipper up lately? And what about down in Louisiana? Has the adulterous Senator David Vitter been in bed with any new women since he 'came out' about his 'sexual indiscretions?'

Oh sure, the Dems have their own zipper problems, but members of that party aren't hucksters selling worthless crap to the public election after election. It remains to be seen whether the public will be 'buying' the standard GOP line of bull next November. That God, guns and gays package has lost one worthless piece of tripe, maybe two. Just the guns are left, and definitely, they do love their guns.

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