Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hang them for Treason

Democrat Max Baucas and Republican Mitch McConnell got ¼ of their political contributions from the Health Insurance industry. Both have resisted, blocked and deferred changes to the health care proposals suggested and called for by the American people and President Obama. Baucas is chair of the Senate Finance Committee and O'Connell is the minority leader of the Senate. Gate-keepers both.

Assuming that these two men have a conscience- which is a large leap of faith- one wonders how they sleep at night. I cannot imagine that I, as a member of the United States Congress, would fight for big business rather than the citizens of my country. What is our democracy all about? Maybe I'm naive but I thought our Founding Fathers spoke of the People, not a ruling class, not the wealthy and well-connected. Lincoln's memorable words, of the people, by the people and for the people ring hollow these days when the leaders of our nation are shills for business.

How did we lose our democracy? When did it happen?

We Americans are a gullible lot. Perhaps it was our over-exposure to television and all of those slick pitchmen hawking their products. We Americans become putty in the hands of slick-talkers including politicians. Look how easily the American people were goated into believing the pitch words and phrases spewing from the paid shills- the congressmen who are working for the insurance industry.

Just after the inauguration, a wide majority of Americans wanted solid health care reform; now, after being pounded by the slick rhetoric, they are willing to wait, to accept a crumb, rather than the whole cake. Six months and our citizens have grown complacent, willing to believe all of the hype and false propaganda spewed by our congressional health care shills.

And so I go back to those men and women in Congress who, during their swearing-in, stood in those sacred chambers, raised their right hand, and pledged to support the Constitution and to work for the citizens of this nation. They have become traitors. Traitors of this democracy. They are no different than other traitors who have been put to death for working against our nation.

Max Baucas and Mitch McConnell ought to be publicly hanged for treason.

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