Saturday, July 25, 2009

Right-wing Shills for the Medical Insurance CEO's

They are a gullible lot, the nuts who dwell in the fetid, dank caves of the far right wing of society. In fact, they are about equal in fleeceability as the Christian right. I wonder what causes the brains of these two groups to be so easily manipulated by propaganda?

Of course, for the fundamentalist christian, the poor child was propagandized at a very early age through Sunday school, parent instruction and those summer propaganda camps to which they were sent. They also have the Man in the Sky watching every move they make, every word they utter. And eternal Hell to pay for any deviation or original thought.

Yet, what of their cousins-in-dupe, the right-wing nuts? Hell and Skygods probably don't scare them and I doubt that they were indoctrinated in right-wing radicalism at an early age. No, theirs is a learned-behavior of late adolescent or early adulthood. I wonder if there have been any masters theses or doctoral discertations written on the root causes of right-wing-ism. Not only that, but there ought to be a dissertation waiting to be written by a psychology ABD on the personality typing of those with right-wing thought tendencies.

The insurance shills know that the right-wing is putty in their hands. Not only are they unsophisticated, but they are highly verbal and love to rant about their 'causes,' most often unwilling to examine issues deeply, preferring simple phrases and stock-words which are easily injected into conversations.

Take this so-called health care debate which, if fact, is no debate at all. Were it a 'debate' then one could examine the issues on both sides. Rather, it is a smear campaign led by the shills of the insurance industry and their co-partners. Right-wing talking heads and their absorptive audience are their agents of disinformation.

Here's what I have heard that smacks of this campaign:

• the bureaucrats in Washington

• another government intrusion in your life

• the government between you and your doctor

• socialized medicine

• raising your taxes

• look at how the government runs [name to be inserted]

• waiting in line at the doctor's office

• the Canadian health program

• more debt...trillions of dollars

• rammed down our throats

• rushed through

• rubberstamp Congress

• jamming stuff down our throats!

I wonder if I've captured all of the salient phrases? Anybody want to add one or two more?

Easily duped, open to propaganda, and vocal. An ad-man's dream.

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