Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Toledo Public Schools Reject Minister for School Board

Fortunately for the parents and children of the Toledo Public Schools, the Board of Education rejected a Christian minister to fill a board position. Rather, the board chose a retired, 35-year veteran teacher for the post. Brenda Hill, 62, was selected by a 3-1 vote to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Steven Steel.

Board member Darlene Fisher, always a renegade on the board, touted Christian minister Carolyn Eyre for the position. Wisely, the board chose Hill in a 3-1 vote. One can only imagine the trouble Fisher and Eyre would have caused had she been chosen. Prayer in school and Bible study classes would have been followed by Intelligent Design and Creationism in the science classes and Christian abstinence classes rather than sex-ed classes.

The suburban Toledo school district of Anthony Wayne Schools with +3000 students made that mistake a few years back. The parents were duped by Barbara Rohrs whom they elected to the Anthony Wayne Board, not knowing that she came fully prepared to unload her fundamentalist Christian agenda on the students of that district. Fortunately, before she was able to implement her Christian agenda, the voters uncovered her intentions and voted her out.

Thankfully, Toledo's parents and children were spared that threat to their educational freedom last evening by the board's careful vetting of the candidates. Chalk one up for the Toledo School Board.

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