Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It Time to Allow Guns into the Capitol Building

Columnist E.J Dione of the Washington Post writes:

Isn't it time to dismantle the metal detectors, send the guards at the doors away and allow Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights by being free to carry their firearms into the nation's Capitol building?

I've been studying the deep thoughts of senators who regularly express their loyalty to the National Rifle Association and have decided they should practice what they preach. They tell us that the best defense against crime is an armed citizenry and that laws restricting guns do nothing to stop violence. If they believe that, why don't they live by it?

Why would freedom-loving lawmakers want to hide behind guards and metal detectors? Shouldn't NRA members be outraged that Second Amendment rights mean nothing in the seat of our democracy?

Congress seems to think that gun restrictions are for wimps. It voted earlier this year to allow people to bring their weapons into national parks, and pro-gun legislators have pushed for the right to carry in taverns, colleges and workplaces. Shouldn't Congress set an example in its own workplace?


We ought to file this one in the same folder as the one on health care- the one that says that the health care plan that the U.S. senators and congressmen are provided is not available for the rest of the citizens.

Why does the word 'plutocracy' pop into my mind?

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