Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Lady Leading the People"

Yep, it's time M_R. Time to put away the tow
head on the trike, and to restore "Lady Liberty"
as the motiff. It seems to me that whether we
are writing about my topic of our nationalism or
your varied topics of social, political, and
economic injustices, we desire changes.

However, we are not doing too well. Obama,
Geithner, Summers, et al have returned the
economy to Wall Street and the bankers with only
window dressing of reforms. There has been no
attempt to re-enact Glass-Steagle on your side,
and, on my side, the Obama Cabal has provided
no leadership in returning economic nationalism.

Now, we see the back-peddling on health care with
the so called "public option" being put on the back
burner. Why is this happening? Because the bankers,
the major investors, and the insurance companies have
filled the pockets of Congress. It is said that these
groups are spending a million dollars a day to lobby
Congress. Where are the citizens? We are not at the
table. We saw Baucus eliminate the supporters of a
public option from his hearings and have them thrown
out of the room.

It seems to me that the masses must be mobilized to take
action, as Delacroix ably demonstrats in "Lady Leading the
People". She is referred to as Lady Liberty. If we can't
lead the masses to fill the streets of D.C. with millions
of citizens demanding a public option, there will be no
meaningful public option. Unless there is a Martin Luther
King March on Washington, there seems to be little chance
of real health care reform...You know? If 70% of the nation
supports a public option, what is the problem of organizing
a fraction of them to show up in D.C.? Lets find out how
good we are.....

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