Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another Damned Federal Law Limiting My Freedoms!

You know, "Freedom isn't free!" And don't you forget, 'We're fighting for your freedoms! "Freedom is on the march!" - George W. Bush

Patriotic lines said by our former president. He got two wars agoing to protect our 'freedoms' but back home in the good old US of A, they are taking my freedoms away. Just today Obama he signed that so-called Hate Crimes Bill. Says that I can't say anything about those homosexuals that's been ruining marriages all over this God fearing land! Just like when we could call them blacks by the 'n' word! They can use our toilets, too, etc.! Says so in the law!!We set them free and now they want to marry my daughter! Theys already passing bills says I can't carry but two weapons at a time, too! More damned taxes ever time I turn around, also. Damned socialist government, just like Hitler as well etc..

Now I got to be nice to them homos, also. Next, they tell me I have to wear pink, I suppose so. Communists! Why we fighting over there and we oughts to be fighting here???!!!

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