Sunday, October 25, 2009

Your Local Neighborhood Christian Homophobe

Do you know who your neighborhood homophobe is? There ought to be a registry where one can identify them and know exactly where they live. They are a danger to your children and our democracy. Most are difficult to identify as they appear to be 'normal' citizens, blending in with other neighbors. In fact, these homophobes seem to be loving Christians, often humming Christian tunes and driving off to church services on Sunday mornings and other evenings during the week. They sing in the choir and bring macaroni and cheese casseroles to the pot luck dinners.

Yet they are secretly scanning the audience, looking for gays and lesbians who, they believe, are abominations to God and not worthy of full U.S. citizenship rights. Here's a comment from a Toledo area homophobe who runs the best homophobic blog in the area:

People writing the constitution never dreamed we'd be letting men marry men and women, women. These two-somes are unnatural --and unnecessary and hazardous to health of body, mind, and the future of civilization, families and nations.

Of course, people writing the Constitution never dreamed of women voting and blacks being free citizens. They also never wrote a single word referring to marriage, either. The homophobic and oh-so righteous christian woman who penned the words above, is a clear and present danger to this nation- like most fundamentalists around the world. Fundamentalists, whether Christian or Muslim, work hard to infuse their religious beliefs into the laws of the nation. The Taliban comes to mind. We have American military men and women fighting and dying to keep these fundamentalists from usurping political power and denying basic rights to its citizens.

As with the Taliban in Afghanistan, identifying fundamentalists is difficult, as they blend in well in society. They seem so, well, American, yet, beneath the facade, they have the same agenda as the Taliban- infusing fundamentalist laws onto the citizens. She writes:

As for constitutional rights, we all have the same rights regarding sex --to marry someone of legal age and the opposite sex --if we can find a consensual mate!

She hopes to bamboozle others, which is customary for propagandists, into believing false claims. Those who do do not know what the U.S. Constitution proclaims might believe that this document contains laws regarding marriage. Slick trick, but false.

Another trick played by fundamentalists is to present lies as facts . Here the local homophobe attempts to proclaim that gay and lesbian relationships are illegal:

Kindness to homosexuals does not include condoning sodomy and granting legal status of marriage.

Sodomy laws [note state laws] were invalidated throughout the United States in 2003 by the Supreme Court decision Lawrence v. Texas.

When all else fails, the obsessive homophobe will declare that gay and lesbian relationships are in the same category as actual illegal activities. She writes:

This is not hate speech --it IS a denunciation of anal and oral sex as a substitute for the natural. Just as we should denounce adultery, incest, promiscuity, prostitution, rape, bestiality, necrophilia, various fetishes --because of their downside consequences.

Your local christian homophobe, working hard to deny a group of merican citizens their rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution. They are a danger to this nation and they are organizing with other fundamentalist christians to overturn state and federal laws that protect the rights of our citizens. They are the American Taliban.

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